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Corked Bat Dugout


Corked Bat Dugout currently produces Rawlings® Corked Baseball Bats ranging between 32-34 inches in length. Here at Corked Bat Dugout, we carefully drill our bats with maximum precision to give our bats the most durability and the longest life possible. We hollow out the barrel of our bats a little over 8 inches deep and approximately an inch in diameter, and then fill the inside of the bats with cork. Again, this procedure is done very carefully to maximize the drilling precision. After the bats are filled with cork, they are then plugged with a wood stopper and sanded down on top. Finally, the tops of the bats are hand painted to mask the fact that any tampering was ever performed on the bats. We take pride in producing high quality, professional looking corked bats, and we can assure you that our customers will be very satisfied with Corked Bat Dugout’s baseball bats.


There are several reasons why every baseball player, from the casual to the highly competitive, should be using corked bats in their daily workouts. Corked baseball bats are great to use during batting practice while preparing for the big game. Since corked bats have less mass than solid wood bats, players can swing their bats through the strike zone much quicker and can finally catch up to the faster speed pitchers they were once unable to touch. In addition to being able to catch up on a speedy fastball, hitters can now wait longer before deciding whether or not to swing at a pitch because they are now able to swing their bats much quicker through the zone. You will be surprised how quickly a hitter’s confidence will improve by using a corked bat during batting practice. Several Hall of Fame players, including Joe Morgan, used to use a corked bat during batting practice to build up confidence and skill before each game. The greatest part is players can continue to improve on their skills without having to switch back and forth between wooden and metal bats. Corked baseball bats are also a great method to help players transition from a metal bat league to a wooden bat league. Start using a corked baseball bat today and watch your stats improve while you lead your team to a winning season! Be sure to check out our physics section as well.

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